Wednesday, 30 January 2013

FREE | HIGH RES | Hair Vol. 1 | FACE Brushes


Brush set compatible with Photoshop CS+

These are actual brushes, not 'stamp' brushes. They do require a little more effort than the other eyelash (and such) brushes out there!

Set Includes:
8 Eyelash brushes, 4 upper and 4 lower (Thick & Natural, Left and Right)
2 Eyebrow brushes (Left and Right)
3 Male facial hair brushes (Soft, Medium & Thick)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

FREE | HQ BRUSH - Scattered Diamonds

▼DOWNLOAD Scattered Diamonds from DeviantArt

This brush set contains 2 brushes, both are scattered diamonds (or jewels). One is a solid colour and the other uses Colour Dynamics to give you a hue of colours through the one brush.
Installing brushes with Photoshop
- Use an Outer Glow or Drop Shadow to give a more realistic look
- Duplicate the layer to add stronger colour
- For fewer diamonds, don't click and drag - just click once
If you intend to use this, read the Terms of Use 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Creating Backgrounds for Games

Sometimes it's the simplest things that can make your game worth so much more. A simple background (but not quite as simple as a solid colour) can add the effect to your game that it deserves.
Download for free the Brush, Completed .PSD file and PDF Tutorial


1.      Create a new document

 2.      Select your Gradient Tool from the Tools Bar (It’s usually on the left)

3.      Now we need to select the 2 (or more) colors that will form the background. In the top left near the File Menu there will be a bar with 2 colors fading through each other, click on this.

4.      The Gradient Editor window will open. First, select the Color Stop on the left, it’s important to click the one on the bottom, not the top. Now that you have chosen the Color Stop that you want to modify, click the colored box next to the label. Don’t click the arrow next to it.

The Color Picker window will open, this is where you can choose one of the blue colors, and for this tutorial I’ve used #6cc9f6 as the slightly darker blue. Click OK once you’re happy with a color.Repeat the process for the Color Stop on the right hand side, this time select a slightly lighter (or darker) shade, for this tutorial I’ve used #add3ff. If you’re happy with your color choices, click OK

To create a Gradient that is in a circular movement, click Radial Gradient. If Your Gradient is being drawn the wrong way, check Reverse.
5.  Now you can draw the Gradient. Place the cursor over the canvas, click anywhere and drag. You’ll notice that the size and position of the gradient will be drawn according to where you click and how far you drag.

This is what you should have so far:

Now it’s time to add something  else, in this case this background is designed to give an outside look, so you could add clouds, a sun, birds, trees - anything really. I’m going to add a sunburst with faded clouds.

Create a new layer by clicking the New Layer button in the Layers panel

You will need a Sunburst brush for this step; you can get one (or a few) by Google Searching ‘Free Photoshop Sunburst Brushes’. Or you can download one off my site for free under Resources

    6.  Move the color slider to white. Select your Brush Tool. Right click on the canvas to select a brush, select the Sunburst brush you want to use. Adjust the size so that the brush covers the whole canvas width.

Now draw the brush onto the canvas by clicking once where you want the brush to be placed.
Remember Ctrl + Z will undo your last move. Keep trying until you’re happy with the position.

7.      Now we need to create another Gradient over the sunburst. Double click on Layer 1 (It’s in the layers in the lower right of the screen). The Layer Style window will open. Check and Select Gradient Overlay. Repeat the process we did earlier in step 4 to change one side of the Gradient Overlay to a shade of light blue, I’ve used #92dcff.

Click OK to all the open windows, and your canvas should look something like this.

Drop the Opacity down to 40% for a more subtle look

Now you’re pretty much done, you can add in heaps of other things to suit your game. If you wanted to add some clouds, select the Custom Shape Tool by holding down left click over Rectangle Tool. Then open the Custom Shape picker dropdown menu from the top tool bar and select one of the clouds.

This is a fairly simple way to make a background, however the fact that it can be customized is what will make it perfect for what you need. If you needed a background that moves with you character in a game, just make the background longer (1500x400 maybe?)
Questions for me? Just comment :)